3-Years Cologne Sessions


We are going to celebrate the third birthday of our Cologne Sessions and are honored to welcome the great Jay Daniel from Detroit to play with us tonight! To our friends in Berlin: The party goes on at Farbfernseher tomorrow!

I also want to use this occasion to thank again all the amazing artists we had great pleasure to welcome in Cologne over the last years:
Alexander Nut, Aroma Pitch, Ata, Axel Boman, Biodub, Christian Löffler, Christian Prommer & Band, Daisuke Watanabe, Das Hutwerk, Edward, Elektro Guzzi, Fatima & Band, Felix Bold, Floating Points, Funkineven, Gratts, Hiroaki Oba, Hunee, Jacob Korn, Jannis Hannover, Jason, Jay Daniel, Jondo, Joy Orbison, Jules, Krause Duo, Kyle Hall, Lawrence, Lone, Magic Mountain High, Manamana, Marius Sahdeeq, Marquese, Mitch, Momo, Move D, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Mueller & Mitch, Oliver Hafenbauer, Oskar Offermann, Paul Effort, Portable, Prosumer, Roman Flügel, San Soda, Sebastian Kratzke, Simon Hein, Soulphiction, Skudge, Steffen Bennemann, Tag Team, Tevo Howard, The Citizen’s Band, Tobias Thomas and Wareika!

Oh, and the poster above is now the 26th I did in these first three years, you can see all of them over here! Cheers!