Accept the New.

I redesigned and updated my website including five new projects that were created in the last months.
I kept the system with the smoothly and automatically floating elements on the startpage with the more simple but effective presentation of each work on it’s own subpage.
In the header I included Lausanne, Köln, Berlin — though I’m not sure about it. Is this too pretentious in a way?
Anyway, you can now directly subscribe to my newsletter if you want future information on updates etc.
Oh yeah, and I changed the background to a flashy red with headlines and texts in white. That’s a personal thing and I think it looks great as a contrast — and I just had to remember myself that I can do whatever the fuck I want on my website.

But it’s always a difficult step to build and expose your portfolio. It’s so personal. And although you pretend that you don’t care about the opinion of others … you do. Or maybe I’m just not professional enough yet to really don’t care …

Anyway, take a look and build yourself your own opinion — I would be glad to get some constructive critique!

Some new projects in the spotlight: (check the portfolio for more images)

V.U.C.A. Magazine, V.U.C.A. Grotesque, Interview Installation (plus already posted: Better Mjstakes Magazine and 032c Website)

“Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous” was kind of my last semester’s mantra.

Almost all projects were based on my new Grotesque typeface in the end. Everything was connected throughout the philosophy of making and exposing the not-yet-so-perfect to reality quickly in order to get critique to fuel the progress.

The V.U.C.A. Magazine was a project in collaboration with talented photographer Namsa Leuba. We created and art directed a magazine on architecture/design/interior with the subject Ethno vs. Modern. The project was supervised by François Rappo and Pierre Fantys.

For Nicole Udry‘s course I built-up an installation in order to visualize the interview I made in december 2009 with François Rappo and Jörg Koch for the Better Mjstakes Magazine.

It was a really nice project, had a lot of fun. I designed three chairs that stood for each person in the interview. Therefore I collaborated with several friends from the industrial design department who helped me out with the basics e.g. how to use the machines. It was an important experience for me. Of course you always have some more or less superficial relationship to the colleagues from other areas, but you hardly make any projects together. And above all: I made not only new colleagues but also new friends.

See some photos of the chairs before getting sprayed in black:

Marie doing the crashtest …

Then I printed a large amount of big posters, displaying various statements or abstract catchphrases from the interview, hung-up in a bright room (thank you again Olivier Saudan!) around the chairs:

If you are interested find more information and pictures of the projects here.


PS: Currently in rotation is the new mixtape of my man Theophilus London. You should check him out.

I Want You (Official Video) — directed by va$htie