Advices and Questions

The other day I got this feedback to the Open Letter by someone calling himself Hugo 2 :


• Go your own way.

• Stop namedropping
• Be more open to different content.

• You don’t have to “Work like an idiot until you’re happy”   You should just be happy instead
• Listen to yourself. (And I mean this literally: read the text aloud and record it. Afterwards listen to it. Does it sound strange?)


• Is graphic design about graphic design really such a good idea?

• What does “profound” research really mean?

I was a bit stunned by the directness and, well … the rightness of his points.
It was strange, I thought the feedback somehow sounded like an older, wiser me, an Alter-Ego in reverse …

But the important thing was to finally got a constructive feedback on what I’m doing here. Even better: a critique.
It made me think and I will try to learn from all that, while I see every piece of advice as chance to get better.

That said it now makes even more sense to me to have this sort of “publishing bug”. To share ideas and unfinished work and thoughts and to be thus kind of vulnerable and yes: open for critique.

(Credits unknown)