Background and Manifesto

I started this blog in spring 2009 some weeks before the second semester at ECAL in Lausanne where I’m now studying visual communication in the third year. At the beginning I used the blog mainly as a tool to communicate my new experiences and the process of my progress with friends and family back in my hometown of Cologne. Eventually everything became bigger and the whole experiment grew organically into an important output and a platform for my thoughts on a variety of subjects, background information on projects, and new ideas.

Moreover this blog was born out of a second necessity: I was simply missing a honest reflexion of someone of my age in the ‘creative business’ providing not only some random material with no substance but sharing more profound background information with honesty and attitude. I was sick of all the cluttered portfolio blogs and I searched for a fresh approach, more transparency, more process, realness, failures and success stories …

Writing helps me tremendously to structure my thoughts and get clearer vision of my position. So I see my work here as a practice and I want to encourage people to be more active in sharing their ideas and ideals.

Follow me on the journey if you are interested — or better — get inspired share the love and do your own thing!


This was a text from the new Why? section (find the link on the right top) which shall state my point of view and communicate the ideas behind the work I am doing here.
This section is one part of an overall redesign, restructuring, rethinking of my blog!

First and foremost my aim was to unclutter pretty much everything, getting rid of all the decorative elements in order to create a better focus on the articles.

Other improvements:

I. The entire content is now separated into five simple categories:
→  Insights and Updates on the status of current projects and other announcements.
→  Theoretical and visual material to motivate and refresh your mind, including collected quotes I found to be important to share.
→  Recorded conversations and interviews with me … or by me.
→  Series of spontaneous collages of found material. (This category was once titled Ffffunde)
→  Remembered moments …

II. Profile information are summarized in the new footer (click here to jump there) including contact options and a Twitter feed for thoughts and input on a more frequent base …

Heureka! What do you think of about all that?