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Nothing is permanent except change

It’s been over a year since the last post. But I’m still there! And I feel more alive than ever. The last months of my life were very intense and very beautiful. I’m living and working in New York City now and it’s been a great journey so far. I’m really thankful for all the […]

Bielefeld Interview

Here comes a little interview for Katerina Trakakis and Svenja Wittmann’s diploma project at FH Bielefeld where I was giving a workshop last month. (German only for the moment, but I will hand in an English version later!)   Warum tust du, was du tust? Ich wollte schon als kleiner Junge Designer (und Fussball-Profi) werden. […]

Visual Journalist Interview

An excerpt of my interview for the upcoming book by Pauline Baumberger and Michael Schmitz —  also featuring Steven Heller, Jay Lang, Sam de Groot, Rick Poynor und Robin Kinross — to be published in summer 2014. Thank you Pauline and Michael for the invitation!   What are the dispositions of graphic design as a profession? Being […]

Sustainable Design

I did an interview on sustainable design for Ken and Mikel from FH Düsseldorf and their COMBO magazine. Here are the spreads, for those who were interested:  

Kompakt Interview for Quottom

A couple of months ago I visited the KOMPAKT headquarters to interview Wolfgang and Reinhard Voigt, co-founders of the legendary music label from Cologne. Our conversation was published in the great new issue of Quottom magazine from Zürich. (Hello Nicolas and Ruben!)   (Click for a bigger view)

INDECHS Interview

  The following is a conversation I had with Friedrich Gräfling from Indechs a couple of months ago:   To begin with, could you tell us a little bit about your practice please? I’m a 25-years old independent multidisciplinary graphic designer and art director working mainly on visual identities, magazines, books and websites. I like […]

Interview Wolfgang Burat

Michael Stipe photographed by Wolfgang Burat (1985) Wolfgang Burat was one of the co-founders of legendary SPEX magazine and one its photographers since day one. He still lives in Cologne and works in his Südstadt based studio. Below you’ll find a translated version of the interview I made with him back in 2009 for the […]

Interview Peter Bömmels

After the conversation Christoph Pracht comes the second one in the series of interviews with the foundation members of legendary German music and pop-culture magazine SPEX founded in the early 1980s in Cologne. Originally conducted in German this conversation with artist Peter Bömmels was first published in a project I did back in 2009. Now […]

Authencity and Conciseness

The following text is from an interview with German website Codingpeople. Hugo, can you give us an overview on your creative path until now? I was born in Cologne in 1988 and I always enjoyed to draw, paint, create. As a child I had a whole lot of different hobbies (same thing today) and at […]

Diploma Project Close-Up: Interview for TWELFTH magazine

This is the first post about my diploma project I finished last summer in the last semester of my three-year studies at ECAL. I already put the main parts of it online here and Markus Reuter wrote a charming and extensive review on his website. Nevertheless — Until now I couldn’t find the right time […]

Interview Christoph Pracht

SPEX designer and co-founder Christoph Pracht, Cologne in ’85 The following is (a finally translated) interview I made back in 2009 for a small publication on the early days of german music and culture magazine SPEX. I talked with three foundation members — one of them, and the first one in these series for the […]

Reassembled, reconsidered, remixed — an interview with PELICAN AVENUE

A couple of months ago I was commisioned by the lovely Thea Barkhoff, illustrator, designer and art director at Meiré und Meiré to conduct an interview with Carolin Lerch and Michiel Helbig of the collective Pelican Video which is part of fashion label Pelican Avenue. Pelican Video was founded in 2003 when Belgian Michiel Helbig […]

In conversation with MIRKO BORSCHE

  Servus my friends! I’m working hard these first days of the new decade to finish a bunch of projects for the next weeks. Here comes a fresh interview which will be published (among others) in Better Mjstakes Volume III. I met Mirko Borsche and his crew when I was doing an internship in his […]

Interview with Emmanuel Crivelli, designer of DORADE magazine

Salâm! 你好! Hello! Next one in the row: the freshly translated interview (voici la version française) with the talented Mr. Emmanuel Crivelli, designer of Paris-based magazine DORADE, the «revue galante, photographie et form critique» founded and edited by Philippe Jarrigeon and Sylvain Menétrey. This interview will be part of the next volume of Better Mjstakes, […]

Interview with Veronica Ditting, designer of FANTASTIC MAN and THE GENTLEWOMAN

Today I present you a new interview for the new Better Mjstakes, starring Ms. Veronica Ditting, the great designer of two of my favourite magazines: Fantastic Man and The Gentlewoman. We first met in her studio some weeks ago in Amsterdam. The following interview is an extension of what we have discussed: design education, motivation, […]

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