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Health vs. Graphic Design

My friend Johannes asked me to contribute to his fanzine project he’s currently doing at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in the beautiful city of Amsterdam covering the great subject of … «Health vs. Graphic Design» — here are my awkward (?) answers … How do you keep in shape? I go for a run in […]

Interview with Kai von Rabenau / mono.kultur

Here comes a little preview of one of the projects I’m working on at the moment. The following interview with Kai von Rabenau, publisher of Berlin based interview magazine mono.kultur will be published — among others — in the upcoming volume of Better Mjstakes magazine with working title: The Research Issue: A profound journey into […]

“It smells like summer.”

Fellow Manuel Eckl runs a nice little blog titled Another Journal By for which he crafted this charming portrait: (English version below) Who is Hugo Hoppmann? That’s what we were asking ourselves. When you are exploring his Portfolio or the seven pages of his Blog one finds a conglomeration of his work — pieces from […]

Joachim asks Hugo:

You are studying at an art school. What is your aim? I came to learn and explore as much as possible and to meet and exchange with interesting and like-minded people. What are your strategies to learn fast and well — and: to achieve your goals? Focus is the secret. You have to try your […]

Interview with MILK magazine / Hong Kong

Here’s an interview I recently did for MILK magazine/Hong Kong. (Will be published in the next issue) — It’s pretty long… tell me what you think! Can you tell us some background information about you? My name is Hugo Hoppmann, I’m a 21-years-old (graphic) designer from Cologne/Germany currently studying at ECAL in Lausanne/Switzerland. Since many […]

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