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    As a side project in the last three weeks I built up the new website for our regular Cologne Sessions which were founded almost two years ago by my friends Magnus, Mitch and me. For the web-experience I aimed to create the same aesthetic feel as in the printed matter and the overall […]

Evigno Habit 1: Early Rise / Enough Sleep

Please consider reading the introduction for this post.   To rise early is my first habit. I love the early morning hours when everything around me is still asleep. That’s my favourite part of the day. I make myself a good bowl of tea, watch the sun rise and write a little to get the […]

Emerging Sculptures

  I teamed up once again with my friend Béla Pablo Janssen to create a new book for Spontan Verlag. This time we were approached by photographer Alexander Basile who runs the fabulous SSZ Sued gallery in Cologne and also happens to be (among many others) a longtime collaborator with my old favorite brand Carhartt. […]

The Evigno Habits

In the late summer of 2012 I made a trip with a couple of good friends to Evigno, a small Italian town on a Ligurian mountain overlooking the sea. The grandparents of my friend Felix bought and renovated a house there a long time ago. It was very beautiful and quiet. I woke up early […]

Ode to the Better Mistake

The following text is my contribution to the designrelevant project by students from KISD (Köln International School of Design) who asked me to write about one of my old favorite topics; making ‘better mistakes’ …   LET’S MAKE BETTER MISTAKES TOMORROW I stumbled across this statement one day after a long foray through the world […]

Watch The Throne

  I created a little book together with my friend, photographer Hermes Katharis Villena Silva, who documented the special-sale of the super rare “Nike Air Jeezy II” sneakers at The Good Will Out. But the sneakers are not the main subject. It’s the people, the “sneakerheads”, who were camping on the pavement in front of […]

Jonas Unger

A few months ago I was asked by Tim Giesen if I would be interested in creating the new website for his childhood buddy and now Paris-based photographer Jonas Unger, whose work was always quite very present to me, mainly through his work for ZEIT MAGAZIN and his fabulous series of Gérard Depardieu that won him the […]

Library Paper

My contribution to the new issue of Library Paper — “an up-to-date representation of varied design/art practices from all around the world giving readers an insight into the artists thoughts” — published by British design studio Catalogue.

Another day in the magic city

Today I visited my friend and favorite illustrator Monja Gentschow (look at the initials she drew me!) in her new work space located in an impressive backyard at Ritterstrasse in Kreuzberg. (This seemed so long ago!) Check out this charming portrait: ✺ So I’m still in Berlin and just amazed to experience this energy again. […]

Working from a small apartment in Berlin. Winter outside. Just writing, smoking, listening to a timeless band from Manchester. Feeling good. Working on new stuff. Forgetting old stuff. Don’t want this day to end.


Trenne dein Herz nicht von deiner Zunge, dann werden alle Pläne Erfolg haben. I want to be a designer who goes deeper, reflecting on work and life, with honesty, transparency and substance in the presentation of my work. I want a simple and regular output for new works and thoughts (clear, direct, honest, bold) and […]

Published Matter

Just a quick note on some publications that recently came to live featuring some of my works (click here for a bigger view). First in the row is the massive compendium Los Logos 5 by Gestalten, followed by Page Unlimited—Innovations in Layout Design by Chinese publisher Sandu, followed by another book by Gestalten titled Precursor—The […]


Besides the noble art of getting things done, there is the noble art of leaving things undone. The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of non-essentials. (Lin Yutang) Since quite some time now I’m on a journey. The journey towards simplicity. A striving for less. A daily attempt to reduce to the essential—in every […]

Have you ever suffered from creative block?

Hugo, have you ever suffered from creative block? And if so how did it make you feel? I think that every human being experiences the “creative block” everyday. You have to be aware of it and act accordingly. The question is: Do you have the courage to face it and act in spite of the […]

Shigeki 茂樹

stimulus; impetus; incentive; encouragement; motivation; provocation I’m collecting images from all corners of the world wide web and sorting them into specific folders on my system for nearly a decade now. It’s difficult to explain why certain images are selected; the picking-up of an image found on the web is somehow always intuitive and intentional […]

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