As a side project in the last three weeks I built up the new website for our regular Cologne Sessions which were founded almost two years ago by my friends Magnus, Mitch and me.

For the web-experience I aimed to create the same aesthetic feel as in the printed matter and the overall visual identity for this project: purity and radical simplicity in contrast to the cluttered presentations of the competition. On the flyers and posters for instance we always tried to limit us to the most crucial information only: title, name of the artists, date, location.


If you’re interested in our little visual history so far you can find a complete collection of all designs in the calendar section of the website (see above) which also serves as an event planner for upcoming dates.


To keep a certain purity and not to be overloaded by information (same principle as in the printed matter) I made the navigation invisible on first sight and to become available and gracefully fade-in when you need it — or hover over the logo and the area to the sides of it.

On the frontpage you have a big teaser with the top stories directly linked to the respective blog articles which are separated into the four categories Upcoming, Past, Flashback and Q&A for now. The artists page (below) shows every single one of the great people we had the pleasure to work and play with upto now.


One of the distinctive aesthetic elements of the website is the outlined DTL Nobel typeface I also use for the current posters. It’s injected as a webfont with an applied “text-stroke” in CSS. Unfortunately only Chrome and Safari are able to translate this markup. For Firefox I had to find a hack and ended-up with the solution to use a all-around “text-shadow” instead. Looks a little clumsy but it’s a compromise I can live with. (If you’re surfing with Firefox please consider checking out the website with Chrome or Safari for an optimal web-experience.)


The website is based on WordPress and fully responsive. For the artists and calendar pages I used the great jQuery Masonry plugin by David DeSandro. Shout out to Magnus and Mitch for the support and see you on the dancefloor for our next session with San Soda in May!