Evigno Habit 1: Early Rise / Enough Sleep

Please consider reading the introduction for this post.

To rise early is my first habit. I love the early morning hours when everything around me is still asleep. That’s my favourite part of the day.
I make myself a good bowl of tea, watch the sun rise and write a little to get the spirits going.

But I had to learn that it’s equally important to get enough sleep, too. Waking radically early without enough sleep is stupid. (Been there, done that). So it’s really the combination of the two. I try to have a fixed time when I rise which is at the moment around 6am meaning that I try to be in bed around 11pm. If I’m going to bed later, I rise ‘proportionately’ later — opposed to my time as a student when I woke early but went to bed very late, which I found to be counterproductive on the long run.

I made this “early as possible rising with enough sleep” a habit because I noticed how much better my day turns out when I’m not stressed in the morning and have enough time to get going in my own rhythm.

A successful day begins the night before
I discovered that my mindset before going to sleep has an amazingly huge influence in the waking phase the next morning. If I’m not excited about the day ahead it’s easier for my “morning mind” to convince me to stay in bed.

To be generally so motivated and excited about what we are doing that we can’t wait to start the new day is something we should strive for I think.

Do you remember when as a kid before a vacation you had to rise very early to catch a plane or the empty highway? It was still dark outside, in the middle of the night, but you were so excited and full of anticipation that you literally jumped out of bed!

That’s the feeling I want to have every morning. Of course you can’t be super motivated every day, and of course I also have days where I just want to stay in bed and let the rest of the world do their thing. But this is essentially my idea of a happy life. Being excited for every new day because you love what you do.

I used to use a very clever app called Sleep Cycle which tracks your sleep and wakes you up in a light sleep phase. My problem with this app: Obviously you have to keep the phone in bed so it can track your sleep. I’m not talking about radiation (I put on the airplane mode at night) but that the fact that you have your alarm clock right next to you when it rings makes it sometimes too tempting to snooze it off for way to long …
So my newest alarm clock is Wake’n’Shake and it’s the most efficient alarm I have ever used. It’s quite brutal but works extremely well.

So this was my little reflection my first Evigno Habit in the row. The next one follows in a few days!