Evigno Habit 3: Exercise / Health

Please consider reading the introduction for this post.

It’s been a little while since the last blog post concerning the Evigno Habits. Let’s continue now with the next two in the row:

The next habit I try to pursue every day is a short but intense workout in the morning. I decided stop going to the gym (for now) but have instead developed a program to do at home (or anywhere, really) which seems sufficiently effective for me and not as time-consuming. It mainly consists of push-up’s, pull-up’s, handstands, crunches and exercises with my Aikido bokken. Additionally I recently discovered an article on a special workout in the New York Times and experiment with it ever since. It’s effective and fun because it’s so varied and triggers every body part.


I found that exercising in the morning gives me great momentum for the day and keeping a regular daily practice makes me feel much better on the long run. Given that I sit so much at work this the compensation I need!

Soon after the workout I also knock off a “Health” point in my list where I’m also counting the days I’m not sick. At least not too sick to do my daily practice. (But: not counting hangovers!).
It’s simply a reminder to make sure I do something for my well-being everyday to keep my body, mind and soul fresh and sane.