Evigno Habit 4: Meditation

Please consider reading the introduction for this post.

The next habit I do on a daily basis is meditation.

When my mother was still alive she sometimes meditated and I remember watching her sitting on our balcony, eyes closed with a calm and content look on her face. It was beautiful.

In the last years I read many articles on meditation and tried to practice it all by myself, pretty naively, without any guidance. Which was eventually the reason I couldn’t manage to build-up a real routine. So this habit didn’t last long on the first run.

Then someday I discovered a lecture by Andy Puddicombe, a former Buddhist monk who aims to demystify meditation and make it accessible to everybody. What was striking to me at first was that he didn’t look and talk what you’d “expect” from a monk and meditation expert. Take a look:

After watching this talk I also gave his book on meditation a try, which finally motivated me to start the daily Headspace practice. With the result that since then this morning routine has become a solid habit, which I enjoy very much. So much that I recommend it often to family and friends these days — and so to you, dear readers!