FILE Magazine London

The following short recommendations on my hometown Cologne are coming straight from the heart and are published in the lovely Citylikeyou column of FILE Magazine London. Alaaf!



The best art book store in the world will be a highlight for the soul of every paper lover and a sad moment for your travel budget.


Update: Read an excellent interview by Hans Ulrich Obrist with the founder Walther König — published in 032c #21 here.



The Kitchenette is a small but absolutely fantastic bistro which is run by my two favourite people who I know since I was born: Jean-Philippe Demougeot and Barbara Zander. Say Hugo sent me here! and get a drink for free!



Very nice and cozy pub in the heart of Cologne’s Südstadt. Apart from the magnificent Kölsch (“offering a smooth journey of sensations that may be unremarkable individually but are extraordinarily pleasant as an ensemble”—The New York Times) they have a great program of life music and local DJ’s.



Built on the ruins of a church destroyed in WWII this museum designed by legendary Swiss architect Peter Zumthor really is a place of wonder and awe, a celebration of simplicity and purity.



One of my favorite venues in the city is the Stadtgarten restaurant and club alongside the beautiful parc of the same name. Highly recommended are the Cologne Sessions parties which take place in the legendary basement called Studio 672.