Grace Jones Typeface … A Super Journey!

This article is dedicated to my Grace Jones Typeface and the little journey it has made since it has been developed one and a half year ago.

It all began with some sketches and a following workshop at ECAL supervised by Ian Party in 2009.

In the following summer I made an internship at the good folks from Bureau Mirko Borsche, where I got the assignment to create a new visual language for the redesign of the Munich independent city magazine Super Paper. After several tests and experiments we decided to introduce the typeface (with its two styles: round and square) for all headlines, posters etc. — and the main logo — with my handmade super brush.

Since then (and long time after I left Munich) the magazine is still up and running. I love how the good people in Munich are experimenting for every new issue with the font, which is everytime a pleasure for me to see. I’m so thankful for this experience!

A collection of Super Paper covers by Bureau Mirko Borsche:

Here are some inside spreads from Super Paper … also, you can download every issue here!


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