News from the day-job: NZZ Folio redesign and brand eins cover

One of my first jobs when I started working at Meiré und Meiré in October was the redesign of the NZZ Folio which is the monthly supplement magazine of the world’s oldest newspaper (founded in 1780!) which is still published today: the Neue Zürcher Zeitung. (Together with Jochen Ruderer, Georg Brüx and Mark Bernhardt — Thanks boys!)

Lately the first issue in the new outfit was released:

For the december issue of German economics magazine brand eins I made the cover together with Tim Giesen and Mike … fun!

(This one and more Brandeins covers on Coverjunkie)

What’s coming next:

Since several weeks now we are working on the first issue of a German version of Andy Warhol‘s legendary INTERVIEW magazine. That’s really exciting stuff for me and I’m going to post more about this very soon.

Stay tuned Brothers and Sisters!