The Projects Status or a rigorous bias towards action

Here is a quick overview on three of my projects I’m working on at the moment:

Project No. 1

Better Mjstakes Volume II — Mike Meiré vs. Hugo Hoppmann; One Interview at a Time

The first new magazine of the two upcoming issues will contain a visual (typographic) translation of the two-hour discussion I had with German art director, artist, designer, architect, photographer, curator, editor and facilitator Mike Meiré which took place in the atelier of his Cologne-based Factory in summer 2010.

Regarding the quantity of the text I was mainly working out a structure at first (chapters, rhythm, hierarchies) followed by focusing on readability. How to make the mass of text attractive to read? Easily accessible and sexy?
The graphical approach is rather classical without losing the ‘spirit’ of our idea, our publication, our movement.

Radicalness and Dringlichkeit.

Spreading the content, the message is of great importance for me. I want everybody to read it. There is a whole universe of references, names, terms created within and around our conversation. The reader shall experience the whole atmosphere supported by lots of background information, insights, (personal) commentary and statements.


Project No. 2

Better Mjstakes Volume III — A self-reflexion in the medium or:
Everything you always wanted to know about sex magazines but were too afraid to ask

The third volume of Better Mjstakes explores, analyses and presents ten outstanding magazines, ranging e.g. from the first 1980′s issues of SPEX, over to Sang Bleu, 032c, ZEIT Magazin, or the Hot Gun Journal

Every discovery is accompanied by interviews I made with the creators; art directors, designers, publishers … some of those have already been pre-published: Kai von Rabenau of mono.kultur, Veronica Ditting of Fantastic Man, or Emmanuel Crivelli of Dorade

Both of the upcoming projects are still in the spirit of the Manifesto:

[...] Graphic Design these days is mostly documented without bigger aspiration or depth, which (if anything) banalises a proper discussion. For this reason we aim to provide the – in our eyes – lacking insight into the thoughts and approaches of modern graphic designers, building a ground for discussion and challenging the exchange.
The name ‘Better Mjstakes’ reflects our philosophy and purpose: to just start making something; really enter a profound relationship with our beloved subject. And on top of it all: not fearing the mistakes that line our path of enlightment.


Project No. 3

La Mémoire — ‘On Attitude’

I’m working extensively on a theoretic work on ‘attitude’ which will be part of my diploma in 2011, supervised by the brilliant André Vladimir Heiz. More info soon!



If you are interested in the process and the progress of these projects stay tuned as I’m going to publish more updates the next days and weeks!