The Evigno Habits

In the late summer of 2012 I made a trip with a couple of good friends to Evigno, a small Italian town on a Ligurian mountain overlooking the sea. The grandparents of my friend Felix bought and renovated a house there a long time ago. It was very beautiful and quiet. I woke up early every morning, wrote, did a workout and went for a run on the mountain. Up there I rested, just listened to the nature and meditated. Afterwards I made a massive breakfast and woke up the others.

This morning routine before the beginning of the “real” day felt so good that I planned to stick with it in everyday life. So when I was back home I started my days with the Evigno Habits. But the first few months where difficult and I couldn’t maintain the consistency I aimed for. I was getting way too often distracted and overwhelmed by all the “urgent” tasks and all the things other people wanted from me “asap”. My days became a constant juggling between those external task and the habits which was exhausting.


Eventually I discovered that it was crucial to notice and understand this constant battle and: to put a priority on the important stuff. I realized that to stay happy, sane and clear in head I absolutely and radically had to do what is truly important to me FIRST. So since some time now I’m strictly doing my habits first thing in the day. And it makes all the difference. Not before all of them are finished I turn my attention to all the “urgent” stuff in my life. And it’s also only then when I allow myself to turn-on my phone and check the mails.

I try to rise early to do the most important tasks which have the most profound priority for me first. When that’s done the rest of the day is cool. No more clashing. And no more bad conscience when I’m working on “urgent” tasks for others thinking in the back of my mind that I should do more of my personally important stuff. Evigno Habits first — everything else after that. So what extactly are these habits?

This was the introduction to the little series I’d like to write over the next weeks about each habit. I don’t know if it’s of any interest for anybody out there but I wanted to write about this subject because some of my friends wanted it know more. So … to be continued!

➝ Evigno Habit 1: Early Rise / Enough Sleep
➝ Evigno Habit 2: Morning Pages
➝ Evigno Habit 3: Exercise / Health
➝ Evigno Habit 4: Meditation