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Obviously, you need to get the right amount of perspective. The best tool for that, I’ve found, is a famous principle of Stephen Covey’s: begin with the end in mind. And here’s how he tells us to do that: By imagining what we’d like people to say about us at our funeral. Do we want them to say that we were kind-hearted, or charitable, or loving, or successful, or that we accomplished great things, or found a cure for cancer? However we want to be remembered, that’s how we should live our lives, every moment of every day, starting right now.

Leo Babauta

This is a random quote straight from THE NICE QUOTE, a small side project I developed the other night. TNQ is a highly curated collection of motivating quotes from a wide range of different people who are inspiring me. It was initially built to serve me personally as a functional tool and accessible base for my quote collection. Maybe you will like it, too. Let me know!

Oh, and from now on I plan to publish a regular column — for example one random quote from the TNQ per week or so, to finally have more of a solid consistency here. This blog is so important for me, but I seem to find too little time to maintain it the way I intend to do it. This has to change.