The Workshop

Back in April this year I was invited to give a workshop at FH Mainz (University of Applied Sciences Mainz) together with my friend Johannes Breyer.

The experience to teach others while still studying was a strange situation. Why we? Maybe because we are already doing what we are doing for a long time, starting autodidactically and with an unbeatable naivety years before our ‘official’ studies, organically developing an unbreakable passion for our craft. And we ‘achieved’ so many mistakes along the way that maybe we have become experts in some areas … in some way.

Anyway, we were facing the tricky situation to ‘teach’ people who were in large part in our age or older. We approached the challenge in reflecting about the workshops we have been part of as students ourselves and what we liked and disliked and what we would have made better. Then we tried to make it better!

Breyer and Hoppmann ready for action.

We started by giving introductions to our own work and the work of other that we found to be significant in regard to the briefing we were handing to the students …

Lively discussions were a huge part of the whole process … it was great to see everyone involved in every part of the production — and not only the own problems but also caring about the whole ensemble i.e. trying to improve the works of the colleagues and challenging the own approach.

Big thank you again to Sebastian, Oleg and Sven the guys of ZWEIZEHN for giving us the chance to make this wonderful experience!

And merci to all the people above. You were really fantastic! Good times!

(Update: The guys also uploaded some pictures of the final booklet here)