Trenne dein Herz nicht von deiner Zunge,
dann werden alle Pläne Erfolg haben.

I want to be a designer who goes deeper, reflecting on work and life, with honesty, transparency and substance in the presentation of my work.

I want a simple and regular output for new works and thoughts (clear, direct, honest, bold) and a place where I share what I find to be important to share.

I want to develop my own voice, taking position and communicating who I am, what I’m doing and why.

I aim for a consistent commitment to this project as it helps me clarify my thoughts and intentions.

I want to inspire and motivate others to do their best work, following their heart and their passion.

I enjoy writing and I want to practice my craft.

I want to reach an audience of challenging readers and like-minded people to engage, interact with, and learn from.

I want to share the experiences I made in my life so far to potentially be of help to others who may choose to go a similar path.

I want to be open and present to the world, not hiding myself and what I’ve got to give.